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DC socket selection is critical.

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The quality of DC socket is related to the quality of a product, so we should pay attention to the selection of DC socket, specific selection methods are introduced below.
Safety considerations should first be considered when choosing and using DC sockets. Because DC socket and our daily electricity hook, related to the safety of life and property, good quality of DC socket can be guaranteed to use safety, good DC socket itself life than defective products will be much longer. Experts remind you to pay attention to the details of choosing and using DC sockets.
1., go to reputable businesses to buy famous brand DC sockets.
2. To check the DC socket logo: the name of the enterprise, specifications and models, rated current value, power quality symbols and related warnings are complete;
3. The plug and socket should be selected according to the power of the electric appliance, and the electric appliance with higher power can not be used in two sockets at the same time.
4. plugs and sockets should match. They can not feel loosened.
5. socket with small rated current value can not plug large power household appliances.
6. do not manually change the size or shape of the plug to match the specifications and dimensions of the wall socket.
7. replace the power cord or plug with professional staff.
8. Stop or replace the socket which is too hot or has arc or fire in time, ensure that the plug is in good contact with the socket and that the socket is loose and tight.
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