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Parameters and specifications of DC socket manufacturers during production

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DC socket manufacturers in the production of DC socket when there are parameters specifications and indicators, specific information, please see below.
What are the product specifications of DC socket manufacturers?
DC socket manufacturers for the production of the main product requirements are the highest, DC socket manufacturers in many products only high-quality mainstream products have a higher strength than other manufacturers. Therefore, we are impeccable for the strength and quality of our main products. In a large number of products, we should also pay attention to the manufacturer's information in the selection, if the DC socket products or for some manufacturers do not know, then our large-scale selection of products is very passive, at any time there is the possibility of loss. Before choosing DC socket, the technical requirements and specifications of DC socket should be understood. The matters needing attention include:
Check whether the logo on the plug socket is complete, including DC socket manufacturer name, specifications and models, rated current value, power quality symbols and related warnings;
2. Choose the appropriate plug socket according to the power of the appliances, and do not plug the two kinds of household appliances with higher power into the same socket.
3. Do not plug large power household appliances into sockets with small current rating.
4. Plug insertion socket should be compact contact, there is no loose feeling, and not too hard to pull out; General characteristics of the general specifications of socket:
DC socket specification
1 rating: DC30V/0.1A.
2 working temperature: -10 C ~ 70 C.
3 storage temperature: -20 C ~ 80 C.
4 the qualification rate is above the normal test condition (without special description measurement).
When choosing DC outlets, reliability is always a priority, must remember that the quality of the chest, must select a good brand trustworthy DC outlet manufacturers, to avoid buying inferior products.
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