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DC socket installation operation details need to pay attention to some problems.

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DC socket installation operation details need to pay attention to some problems, the specific steps described in detail below.
Because of the small size of the DC socket, it is difficult to weld other DC sockets in the DC socket installation method, because the key is that if the welding pins are too close to each other, it is easy to lead to the lead welding together. So there are many details in the welding of DC socket which need to be paid more attention. If the operation is not proper, it will lead to the welding of DC socket or damage. Looking back on the previous also told you about the specifications of DC socket classification and interface definition, then today we will mainly talk about DC socket installation methods and matters needing attention.
DC socket installation method
First step of operation
DC socket because of its small size, generally installed on the welding is more difficult to operate, the key is if the distance between the welding pins is too close, it is easy to lead to the lead welding together. So in the beginning of welding, attention should be paid to the DC socket solder pins to remove impurities on the surface, otherwise it will lead to welding is not solid.
Second steps of operation
After removing the impurities, the solder flux in the DC socket is applied to wipe the lead of the solder joint. Be careful not to stick too much flux, otherwise it will be difficult to wipe off later. Because the role of flux in addition to making the welding more smoothly, but also can play a certain fixed USB port welding is not easy to shift.
Third steps of operation
Secondly, after applying flux, the tin on each solder joint should be cleaned up with soldering iron. The purpose is to prevent excessive tin from causing virtual soldering in DC socket, so that only a little tin can be left on the surface of solder joint.
Fourth steps of operation
Then just put the DC socket on the pad, put the alignment line in gently, and press the pin lightly with the soldering iron. After a few seconds, it can be welded.
DC socket installation matters needing attention
1. In the welding process of DC socket, please pay attention to the temperature of soldering iron should not be too high or too low, otherwise the temperature is too high will easily lead to DC socket for pin welding through, too low temperature will also lead to DC socket welding instability.
2. Next, in the welding process of DC socket, we should pay attention to the operation of the intensity should not be too large, in order to avoid causing DC socket needle easily bending. Then on the pad shows unevenness, leading to DC socket welding, such as false welding or false welding.
3. After welding, do not shake or shake the solder joints of the pins before they are fully solidified. Otherwise, it will easily lead to the disconnection of the solder joints of the DC sockets.
The above DC socket installation methods and precautions and other knowledge points mentioned here, I hope the DC socket installation method mentioned in some details of the key points we must understand. Secondly, there are many problems in the use of DC sockets, and we should pay more attention to them. One of them is in the USB plug and DC socket do not too hard to plug, so as not to DC socket interface internal pin chip easy to break or bend. Second, when the DC socket does not need to be used, pay attention to the dust cover, so as not to expose the interface for a long time will easily invade the dust and debris.
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