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It is necessary to switch the switch to pay attention to some aspects.

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What should be paid attention to when the switch is used and what should be paid attention to? Here is a detailed introduction to everyone.
What should I pay attention to when using the toggle switch?
The manufacturing method of the switch has tremendous scientific and technological characteristics and modern mode, and its social impact will be higher and higher, will be more consumers like and affirmed, can be valued by more people.
The life of the toggle switch is quite long. The electrical performance of this product is also quite good, electrical switch life, presumably is also a matter of concern to everyone, his electrical switch life and its switch life has a huge correlation, generally better electrical switch its switch, that is to say, to 1 million times, if not very good, also It will be 300,000 or 500,000 times, so you can safely use it without worrying about its switch life. Moreover, many people are not very familiar with the specifications and models of electrical switches.
1. Loading the terminals during welding may cause loosening, deformation and reduction of electrical characteristics depending on the conditions.
2. because water soluble flux may cause corrosion of the switch during welding, please avoid using it.
3. for welding conditions set, please according to the actual conditions of mass production.
4. solder two times, please return to normal temperature after the first welding part.  Continuous heating can cause deformation of the outer part, loosening of the terminals, shedding and reduction of electrical characteristics.
5. please do not allow the flux to flow from the top of the printed circuit board to the switch.
6. After installing the switch, in order to make other parts of the binder hardening, etc., through the regenerative hardening furnace, please contact us.
7. When using through-hole printed circuit boards and non-recommended circuit boards, the effect of thermal stress will change, so please fully confirm the welding conditions in advance.
8. with pin type, please weld at the foot position. If the soldering pin is fixed in a fixed position, there is possibility of deformation in the pin mechanism part.
9. no cleaning. When the terminal is welded, a load is applied to the terminal, which may cause loosening, deformation and reduction of electrical characteristics depending on the conditions.
The toy we play with when using the toy toggle switch, after the Load King Battery, is there a switch controller, such a switch will be called fluctuation, only to turn it on very well, because when not in use as long as it is turned off, can be very good for a series of isolation so to say The frequency of use is also very high, and is quite safe, so that in the crowd is very popular, and such a small switch, its cost is relatively low and in the use of the process, will give people more advantages. The most important thing is that it is very convenient to use the method, just a little touch can be very good to operate, there is no danger.
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