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How to connect DC power socket

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What should I do to connect the DC power socket? The specific methods we will give you a detailed introduction below.
DC power socket mainly includes plug-in terminal, shell and plastic body. It is an improved DC power socket. One side of the plug-in terminal arranged in the socket body is cut into a plane body which can prevent the rotation of the plug-in terminal. The plane body is fixed with the plane body on the opposite side of the plastic body. The plug-in terminal is surrounded by a groove, and the groove arranged on the side of the fixed fork is embedded into the groove to combine with each other. The plug-in body is provided with the shell body, and each side of the shell is provided with clips, which push inward to clamp the plastic body The colloid is stable and fixed. The plastic body is provided with a slot. A conductive terminal and a conductive spring are embedded in the slot. When the top of the power connector deduces the state of the electric spring, the conductive spring contacts the conductive terminal. The utility model has the function of opening and closing the switch, so as to achieve the stable purpose and good conductive safety, and is practical.
Connection method of DC power socket
When connecting, first of all, we should consider the circuit situation. At present, most of the circuits are the main circuits with NPN polarity components as the main circuit. This circuit takes the negative pole of the power supply as the common ground. Therefore, the DC interface of these electrical equipment takes the negative pole as the ground terminal, so the outer sleeve of the power plug should be connected to the negative pole of the power supply.
Step 1. First, find out the live wire with a test pencil and turn off the DC power socket;
Step 2. Connect the live wire into one of the two holes of the switch, and then connect a 2.5mm2 insulated wire from the other hole into the L hole of the three holes of the lower socket to connect firmly;
Step 3: find out that the neutral wire is directly connected into the N hole of the 3 holes of the socket and firmly connected;
Step 4. Find out that the ground wire is directly connected to the e hole in the socket and firmly connected;
Due to the particularity of the circuit, the DC interface of individual electrical equipment is just the opposite. Therefore, it is not arbitrary to judge the polarity of the DC current fault plug. If it is not the original power supply, it is necessary to find out whether the polarity of the plug and the polarity of the electrical outlet match correctly. The above is the precautions for DC power socket connection summarized by Taiwei electronics.
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