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Four problems to pay attention to when using waterproof tap switch

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What problems should be paid attention to when using the waterproof tap switch, and specific solutions? Let's give you a detailed introduction below.
Waterproof tap switch, which can be soaked in water or rain without failure. Generally, the waterproof switch is IP67, which can fully protect the dust in the air. At the same time, it can operate stably at the position of about 1 meter under water, and will not be damaged for about 30 minutes under normal temperature. Today, Tuolin will share with us the precautions when using the waterproof tap switch.
1、 Pay attention to the voltage. If the waterproof tap switch is used under the voltage exceeding the rated value, it will cause poor contact. When using the light touch switch, it should meet the requirements of the product standard book and be within the scale of various environmental experiments in the parameter book.
2、 Pay attention to the working temperature. Touch the regular jumping and vibration of the switch type to set the circuit as a combined part without misoperation, so it can not be used for a long time near the upper limit and the lower limit of the operating temperature scale.
3、 Waterproof grade IP67. The two digits behind the IP indicate the protection from large particle foreign matter to dust and from vertical water drop to underwater pressure. The larger the two digits behind the IP, the stronger the protection.
4、 The application of water-soluble flux is stable. During the welding of touch switch, water soluble flux may cause corrosion of touch switch, so try not to use it. If the pressure is applied to the switch, it may cause the switch to be loose and deformed, so great attention shall be paid during welding.
Waterproof touch switch is widely used in small household appliances, game machines, digital cameras, remote controls, keyboards, bathroom and other products. People's pursuit of life is higher and higher, and the function and appearance design of many products are also higher and higher. Although the volume of waterproof touch switch is small, it controls the whole product operation and stop parts, and also brings customers the most intuitive product experience, so the quality of waterproof touch switch has a great impact on the product quality. This is a problem that manufacturers need to pay attention to when purchasing.
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