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The core idea: Let the person who wants to be an officer have the opportunity, the person who can serve the person has the stage, and the person who does the task has the status and treatment. Only the only way is to use it.
The first is the principle of both ability and political integrity. The selection and use of talents are based on a comprehensive measure of the requirements of both ability and political integrity. Adhering to the virtues of non-ethics is a mediocre person. Talent is not a virtue and is a villain. Moral ability cannot be neglected.
The second is the principle of "effect theory." In the use of talent, we do not look at the academic ability to see, do not look at the diploma to see the level, no matter what the identity, what academic qualifications, what age, as long as doing a good job, doing better than others, outstanding performance, it is boldly launched, entrusted Heavy responsibility. At present, the average age of the company's technical staff and middle management personnel is about 35 years old, and the average age of the workshop director is about 30 years old. Although these people are young, some of them are not very high academic qualifications, but they are capable, motivated, and performers. Our persistence in the "effect theory" employment mechanism has enabled a large number of talents with both ability and integrity to emerge from the company and become pillars of enterprise development.
The third is the principle of practice first. "The test jade must be burned for three days, and the discrimination must wait seven years." Over the years, we have arranged for the various types of professional talents of Haoyu to go to the production line in the workshop to allow them to exercise and improve in practice, and then pass public examinations to select the best ones.
The fourth is the principle of survival of the fittest. In the selection of talents, we have achieved a transformation from "Bole Xiangma" to "selecting horses in the stadium." Whoever does the best job, we will reuse it as talent; otherwise, we will only be eliminated.
Fifth, the principle that "everyone is a talented person". In the use of talent, the elimination of modelling and mystery, so that it is suitable for people, the amount is applicable. As long as the greatest degree of intelligence is played in the right position, it is a certain sense of talent. According to this principle, according to each employee's level, specialty, experience, personality, etc., it is arranged to a relatively appropriate position, so that everyone can do his best and only do his best to promote the company's sustained, rapid and efficient development.

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