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There are some important points in using the chip touch switch

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There are some key points to be clear when using the patch touch switch. What are the specific points we will give you a detailed introduction.
1. If the load is applied to the terminal when the chip lightly touches the switch terminal for welding, there may be looseness, deformation and deterioration of electrical characteristics due to different conditions. Please pay attention to it when using.
2. When using through-hole printed circuit boards and circuit boards other than recommended ones, because the influence of thermal stress will change, please fully admit the welding conditions in advance.
3. For two times of welding, please do it after the first time of welding recovers to normal temperature. Continuous heating may cause deformation of the periphery, loosening and dropping of the terminals, and decrease of the electrical characteristics.
4. Regarding to the setting of welding conditions, it is necessary to admit the conditions of practical mass production.
5. The product is planned and manufactured under the condition of DC resistance load. When using other loads [inductive load, capacitive load], please confirm separately.
6. For the holes and forms of PCB devices, please refer to the recommended dimensions recorded in the product drawing.
7. The switch shall be used for the structure of pressing the switch directly operated by people. Please do not use it for mechanical testing.
8. When the chip lightly touches the switch, if the load above the regulation is applied, the switch may be damaged. Please be careful not to apply the above force on the switch.
9. Please do not follow the operation Department's usage from the side.
10. Press the center of the switch as far as possible for the flat shaft type. As for the hinge structure, when pressing, the position of the shaft rod will move. Please pay special attention.
11. After the switch device, please contact the professionals when the binder of other parts is hardened in the regenerative hardening furnace.
12. If corrosive gas occurs in the surrounding data of the whole machine using the switch, it may form the phenomenon of bad touch, etc., so please make full confession in advance.
13. The carbon touch point has the characteristics of sudden change of touch resistance due to push load. When it is used in voltage division circuit, please use it after full confession.
14. Please pay full attention to the invasion of foreign matters for models other than sealed ones.
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