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What is the welding method of the DC socket connection

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DC socket connection welding method, today Dong Kun will give you detailed introduction, you can connect and welding technology to a higher level.
DC socket is an essential electronic component in daily life. Its application range is home appliances, TV sets, computer equipment, audio equipment, electronic equipment and so on. Do you have any idea about the principle, application, classification and installation of DC socket? For example, how does the DC socket connect to the power line? What are the matters needing attention in welding operation of DC socket? If it is not a technical person, you must know very little, then let you explain in detail how the DC socket connected to the power line and welding instructions.
DC socket connection method
Step 1
How to connect the power cord of DC socket is usually connected according to the method of left, zero, right fire, middle grounding, etc. For the connection, the key points for confirming the two wiring are to find out the zero line and the fire line separately.
Step two
The first thing to do is to detect the circuit with professional tools and find out the fire line.
Step three
When the fire line is found, the fire line is connected to the right hole in the DC socket, and then a 2.5mm insulation line is connected from another hole in the DC socket to connect to the 1 holes of the other two holes in the socket.
Step four
Next, find out that the zero line is directly connected to the left pin hole of the DC socket.
Step five
Finally, the front two key wiring points are connected, and the remaining ground wire is connected to the pin hole in the middle of the DC socket.
DC socket welding description
The welding flux added in the 1.dc socket can not add too much or too little, too little can cause welding instability, and too many words may lead to the welding of the DC socket pin. So the amount of flux that is added to the flux is OK.
Before the 2.dc socket is welded, it is easy to make sure that the oxide or sundries on the iron should be cleaned up, and it is easy to cause some phenomena to be welded.
3. after DC socket welding is completed, do not touch your welding contacts with your hands, so as not to cause scalding accidents. It will take a few minutes to wait until all the welds in the socket are completely cooled, and then whether there is any loosening or void welding in the inspection.
How the DC sockets are connected to the power line and the welding instructions can only be explained. How much knowledge about how to connect the power line and the welding instructions to the DC sockets is helpful for everyone in the DC socket. At the end of that, in the DC socket for daily use, if used in the kitchen or bathroom and other places, should pay attention to waterproof measures DC socket, when not in use to the dust cover, or if not careful water splashing into the DC socket hole, which will lead to the outlet line short circuit and electric shock etc..
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