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What is the application scope and composition of the toggle switch?

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The switch is the switch that is often used now. I don't believe you look at it. There is a switch everywhere. So what is the application range and composition of the switch? The following detailed introduction to you.
Cannot use the switch of our daily life, do not know if you have not thought about why the switch can be so simple, easy to control home appliances, which is composed by what? In addition to switch control for use in our family lights also can be used in what areas? We need to use what note?
The components of the switch
The components are 1. iron shell (material: iron in general; treatment process: treated by nickel plating or black process to prevent oxidation).
Component 2. plastic handle (material: generally POM material, if there is fire retardant and high temperature resistance requirements, PA nylon material treatment process is often used: injection molding).
Component 3. terminal (material: generally copper phosphate; processing technology: Silver Plated)
Component 4. insulation base plate (material: electric board; processing technology: stamping molding)
Component part 5. contact chip (material: generally copper phosphate; processing technology: Silver Plated)
The components consist of 6. round beads (material: stainless steel in general; treatment process: nickel plated).
Component part 7. catapult (material: bronze; processing technology: stamping forming)
The component part 8. decorating oil (material: red oil or green oil chemical oil) is applied to the contact part between the terminal and the bottom plate for decoration purposes. General requirements for non-toxic, environmental protection)
Introduction of application scope and attention
Application of the 1. large current sealed toggle switch. The switch has a limited current, and its current can only be 5A, and the sealing technology is used to seal the epoxy resin, which can be seen from the name. Its appearance is many kinds, generally its contact material has different functions. Usually there are two kinds of silver plating and gold, mainly used in electrical appliances and machinery.
Application range 2. patch type switch. The switch is mounted on the surface. The switch is generally side - operated, and the pin is a patch, which is generally seen in the communication and digital audio.
Application range 3. direct plug switch. The name is determined by its contact form, and its pin is directly inserted, and its most special is that it has 2, 3, and 4 gear options, and it also comes with a support to support and connect with the electricity, and use more in the building automation and electronic products.
Note 1. use in the electrical rating. Exceeding the rated electrical usage will not only reduce its durability, but may also cause danger of heat and burning.
Precautions 2. the instantaneous voltage and current during opening and closing shall be used in the range of rated voltage and rated current.
Switch is a small object, even if we use it everyday, it will still be ignored by us. We believe that the scope and attention of the components and switches of the switch can also be used for more people to think more about the switch.
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