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Introduction of detection methods for DC headset socket

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Many friends do not know how to buy back the DC headphone socket after the detection, specific testing methods give everyone listed in the lower, very simple, you can understand carefully.
DC headphone socket detection voltage method:
The 1. is to admit that the voltage of the chip power pins is normal.
2. next, check whether the voltage of DC earphone socket is normal.
3. there are also other points of operation voltage is normal.
For example, when the silicon transistors are switched on, the BE junction voltage is about 0.7V, while the CE junction voltage is about 0.3V. If the BE junction voltage of a triode is greater than 0.7V (special transistor, for example, Darlington tube, etc.), it may be the BE junction open circuit signal injection method. Add the signal source to the input port, then measure the waveforms of each point sequentially, and see if it is normal to find out the wrong points. Sometimes we also use a more concise way, such as holding a tweezers, to touch the input ends at all levels to see if the output has repercussions, which is often used in audio, video and other enlarged circuits.
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DC earphone socket current:
The thicker the wire is, the greater the acceptable current intensity is. However, the current density is different. No matter how thick the conductor is, the current density can not be very different. The current intensity only has nothing to do with the cross section of the wire. The current is 10 amperes, regardless of the 10 ampere current passing through the thick wire, and its current intensity is 10 amperes. For example, a conductor with an area of 1 square millimeters has a current of 10 amperes and 10 amperes of 10 square millimeters of wire. The current intensity is the same, all of which are 10 amperes, but the current density is different, and of course the current density in a 1 square millimeter wire is large. Between the devices, once the current transformer problems, the circuit breaker and the lightning arrester can not remove the fault, will be removed from the first stage circuit breaker to remove the fault, so as to expand the scale of power outage, and also cause the current transformer to burn up because of the delay excision.
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The factors of the influence of the mirror view point on the DC headset socket
DC headphone socket series new photoelectric switches usually have the function of avoiding disturbing each other initiatively, so do not worry about disturbing each other. However, a series of infrared photoelectric switches should avoid adjacent groups and disturb each other when they are close to several devices. The most useful way to avoid this annoying is to interspersed the light projector and the light receiver. Of course, it is also a good way to use different frequencies. A series of reflective photoelectric switches are useful ways to avoid disturbing each other.
The DC headphone socket and the farther the detection distance, the greater the distance. The detailed distance should be determined according to the debugging situation. Of course, we can also use different types of operating frequencies. Mirror point of view effect: when the object is luster or meet the lubrication of metal surface, the general reflectivity is very high and has the effect of approximating the mirror. At this time, the angle of the projector and the detection object should be installed to make the optical axis not perpendicular to the detected object, and avoid the misoperation. The effect of removing the scenery: when using the reflective dispersing type and the light receiver, the photoelectric switch may make the photoelectric switch not stable.
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