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Selection method of high quality light touch switch

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High quality light touch switch is not so easy to select, it is necessary for me to have professional knowledge, so as to select the high quality light touch switch, the specific operation method in the following details for you.
In order to improve the service life of Tactile Switches, it is particularly important to select high-quality touch switches. Looking at the touch switch is a common method of selecting the light touch switch.
Select the light touch switch one, first for the pin base material, the pin base material of light touch switch is brass or phosphor copper (low grade iron), in order to reduce contact resistance, the pin is basically plated with silver, which will oxidize the SO2 gas in the air, directly affect the weldability and contact resistance of the switch, so the high quality light touch switch head is made. First, control the silver plating thickness and silver plating process of the pins.
Selection of light touch switch method two, factory inspection methods and projects also affect the quality of the final light touch switch, such as appearance, feel, conduction, resistance and other items are sampling inspection or full inspection. For example, some large factories are required by the PPM to measure or zero defects, it is necessary to set the test after the inspection of the factory. Or quality inspection and other processes.
Select the light touch switch method three, after the parts have the final influence quality is the assembly process, the assembly process depends on the management ability of the production company, the staff quality meaning and the quality assurance ability, and the final product quality of the different guarantee ability is different. Now the market assembly method has artificial and machine. Because of the improvement of the current automation ability, it has its own advantages and disadvantages: low cost of machine assembly, low quality of product, high cost of artificial assembly but high quality.
Select the light touch switch method four, the life and the feel are the stroke of the light touch switch and the matching of the piece of the bullet. The shorter the stroke the longer the sound is, the longer the life is, the longer the stroke is, the other is that the life of the switch is determined mainly by the stroke or sound, and the key factor determining the life of the shrapnel is still the key factor. Stamping technology.
The key factor of selecting the light touch switch method five, the key influencing factor of the communication reliability is the contact point, because the contact point and the flake are contacted and guided by the touch switch. The contact surface is better, the contact surface is decided by the structure, and there are about three kinds of structure in the market. The order of the advantages and disadvantages is as follows: the big bubble (volcanic type) "O type contact", "slotted" 2 point contact and flat bubble "1 point contact".
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