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Correct maintenance and selection method of waterproof touch switch

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To prolong the life of the waterproof touch switch, we must pay attention to the following problems with the better use of the waterproof touch switch, and the details are introduced in the following.
There are many kinds of waterproof light touch switch of Dong Kun electronic technology. There are two feet waterproof light touch switch according to pin, three foot waterproof light touch switch, four foot waterproof light touch switch and multi foot waterproof light touch switch. According to the package, it can be divided into patch waterproof light touch switch and plug-in waterproof light touch switch, and also according to material, size and so on. Species classification. The waterproof touch switch is also called the key switch, which is made up of shrapnel, buttons, pedestals, inserts and cover plates.
Composition of waterproof light touch switch
With the requirements of the development of Electronic Science and technology, the specifications of waterproof touch switch are becoming more and more, from the earliest 12*12 and 8*8 to various kinds, its waterproof touch switch structure has also been increased from the vertical horizontal to the combination type. Now people are worried about more and more black heart factories, and they are always worried about purchasing. In order not to be deceived, more people are more concerned about the daily maintenance of the waterproof touch switch, and what's the secret of the selection. What should be paid attention to? Below we take the waterproof light touch switch manufacturer, the East Kun electronic technology for example, the East Kun electronic technology to the waterproof light touch switch daily maintenance and the selection secret is its nearly ten years experience, I believe to be able to help you.
First, in the day-to-day maintenance and detection of waterproof touch switch, we should pay attention to the waterproof touch switch has not due to time aging becomes fragile, flexible landing, or cracking and other quality problems. Many data of waterproof light touch switch itself have the effect of dust prevention and electricity separation. People can start from the waterproof touch switch data, and eliminate more consumer risks.
Two, due to the high flexibility of the waterproof light touch switch, we must pay attention to not overexert when pressing. Their principles are all the same because of the control buttons on the fine instruments and the simple buttons and the buttons on it. It is assumed that the flexibility of the light touch switch can be reduced by assuming that pressing or knocking.
Three, if it is found that the waterproof touch switch has an abnormal operation situation, remember not to discontinue dismantling unauthorized, without professional maintenance environment, many high-end electrical products are demand in the isolation dust environment to stop open the box, because dust will carry the effect of conductive fruit, this is a very risky practice. Therefore, inspection and maintenance with light touch must be stopped under special circumstances.
The secret of choosing a waterproof touch switch
Strict factory inspection is also an essential element of quality. For example, hand, appearance, resistance and other items are spot checks or full inspections. These seemingly trivial details determine their quality.
The reliability of the waterproof light touch switch can be determined by the structure of the touch point. The larger the touch surface, the better. The concave and convex process of consumption also determines the quality.
The number of hands and touches is determined by the shrapnel and stroke of the waterproof touch switch. Short journey and low noise will lengthen the number of lives, and shorten the number of lives.
Consumer technology depends on the management capabilities of consumer electronics, staff quality, quality assurance and collaboration.
For landing touch resistance, waterproof light touch switch can be used. The pin of waterproof light touch switch is used as raw material of brass or copper. It is basically silver plating, which directly affects the switch to weld and touch resistance, so we should pay more attention to the selection of the switch.
To sum up, the main factors that affect its quality are solderability, durability, protection, reliability, handle and consumption process, and installation scale.
In addition to the above, we also need to know the relevant knowledge of RoHS certification for waterproof Tactile Switches, so that we can better identify the products.
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