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Reasons for using vibratory discs in aluminum alloy

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Why do you need to use aluminum alloy vibratory discs? This problem has been troubling us for a long time. We will give you a detailed explanation in detail.
There are many parts in the automatic assembly that need to be assembled, although the shape is not complex, but the thickness is very thin, for example, the thickness of the light touch switch is only 0.15mm or 0.1mm, and the thickness of many electronic components is less than 0.5mm. The automatic feeding of these ultra-thin parts is a difficult problem to be solved by traditional stainless steel vibrating discs. Even if the stainless steel vibrating tray is able to send parts out, it is easy to reverse the material, clip material and overlap multiple materials, resulting in errors or unsmooth feeding.
The use of aluminum alloy precision vibrating disc completely solves this problem, because the disk surface of the aluminum alloy vibrating disc is made of CNC finishing, the width of its track can be narrowed to 0.1mm, the precision can be guaranteed to be within 0.01mm, so the positive and negative side of the pan chip can be distinguished, and the ordinary thin film can also ensure that the single part is passed without heavy weight. The vibration of aluminum alloy precision vibration plate is uniform, so that the feeding process of parts can not be allowed to reverse the material at certain locations. Using aluminum alloy is the best solution for thin disc vibration plates such as pot sawdust.
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