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It is very important to select the DC socket and to pay attention to it.

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DC power outlet selection method and the need to pay attention to the problem is very important, because we are in the lack of knowledge in this area, we need to understand, the specific method is still to see the following.
In daily life, we are more and more inseparable from household appliances, DC power outlet has become an essential thing. However, many people do not know much about the safety knowledge of power outlets. According to some statistics, the fire caused by household electricity consumption is more than 1/3 in family fires. In order to use electricity safely at ordinary times, it is necessary for us to know the correct way of using power outlets.
Home decoration, we will use power outlets, the selection of power outlets, perhaps many owners do not pay much attention, but the power outlet selection and device should think of many items, such as safety, power and other factors. There is no doubt that the quality of sockets is the main factor affecting the safety of household electrical appliances. Many power utilities are caused by poor quality of power outlets. Of course, in addition to the quality, the number of sockets, the location of different occasions are regular, so how to select a household electrical outlet is one of the main items of our home decoration. Now let's take a look at the matters needing attention in the selection and installation of DC outlets for household appliances.
One, how should the DC power socket be selected?
1. Look at the material and appearance
The material used in the excellent socket panel requires strong stability of raw materials and is not easy to discolor. When we choose and buy, we should carefully investigate whether the sockets are all in good condition and have no deformation. If there is a similar situation, it is impossible to buy such a socket.
2. See the certification of the goods in the socket
The socket is the compulsory certification commodity of China's quality certification base, and the selection and purchase of electric power sockets for household electrical appliances should see whether there is a "3C" symbol on the commodity, and the other, the plug and socket with the symbol of "qualified inspection", and a basic requirement for consumers to buy.
3, look at the brand
Brand goods are still more secure. Nowadays, there are not many professional outlets in the market. Consumers should also select well-known, high quality service providers to ensure the quality of goods and excellent services, and to prevent counterfeit goods.
4, watch the socket insurance
In order to prevent children from accidents, socket insurance is very important.  Nowadays, excellent sockets are equipped with maintenance doors. When the single hole is pushed into the door, the maintenance door has definite function, and such a socket can greatly improve the safety.
5, the quality of the first test socket
After plugs into the socket, you should feel excellent, no loose feeling, and can pull out without too much effort. Too tight and loose is not an ideal choice.
Two. The following problems should be paid attention to in the selection and purchase of DC power sockets
1, timely suspension or change over temperature crossing too high or showing the arcing and fire socket, ensure that the plug and socket contact well, plug into the socket tight, moderate.
2, do not artificially change the size or shape of the socket to match the specifications and dimensions of the wall socket.
3, the plugs and sockets should be matched, and there should be no loose feeling.
4, go to reputable businesses to buy famous brand DC power outlets, such as BST is good.
5, plug and socket should be selected according to the power of the appliance, and the larger power can not use two in one socket at the same time.
6, when changing the power cord or plug, professional personnel should be stopped.
7, to see whether the logo on the power socket: enterprise title, rated current value, specification type, power supply symbol and related warnings can be completed.
8, socket with small rated current value can not plug large power household appliances.
Three, DC socket to buy warm small tips:
1, DC power outlet should select quality supervision part to check qualified products.
2, the safety of USB socket can be selected around the sofa in the house, and the splash socket should be selected in the wet places such as bathroom, and the waterproof box should be installed.
3, the rated current of DC power socket should be 1.25 times higher than the rated current of the known equipment.
4, for washing machines and other electrical appliances with risk of electric shock, we should use a touch switch socket with switch to disconnect the power supply.
Choose the socket to be based on the status of the home, in the socket selection and purchase on the need to pay very attention, the choice of a higher price of a little bit of socket to use centering, and security is also ensured.
After finishing the family decoration, it was found that the kitchen outlet was not enough, and even the bedside socket was blocked by furniture and so on. Many owners were worried about such small details.
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