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Introduction of material selection cost for DC socket

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DC interface socket selection cost is very critical, whether production or purchase, it is necessary to understand how to better pay attention to this problem, we give you a detailed introduction.
DC interface socket from installation to safety precautions are also available. All these are to be noticed when choosing a socket. Product packaging should be complete, with clear address on the manufacturer's address. There are instructions and certificate of use. The brand products pay much attention to the satisfaction of the consumers. Therefore, the effort of product packaging and instructions is unmatched by unqualified products. The import brands must be accompanied by Chinese instructions. For product name, brand, technical indicators and other labels are very clear.
DC interface socket, aluminum core conductor is widely used indoors in rural families. Although the indoor use of aluminum core line has saved a little money, the harm is enormous. According to the statistics of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPCS), the aluminum wire is 55 times the copper wire. China's national mandatory standard "lighting design code", which was implemented in June 1, 1999, clearly requires that copper wires should be used indoors in lighting lines. Therefore, copper conductor must be chosen for the lead of indoor socket.
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