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Processing method of power line fault in DC socket

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DC socket in the power line common fault processing we introduce today, it is not very difficult, but to clear the specific principle, so that can be, the following detailed introduction to you.
DC socket for this problem, many businesses also have their own explanation, that is, in the use of the power line is not necessary so long, too long may lead to no local cinnamon branch, relatively short a little more convenient. But consumers think that the product is too short, which will lead to the normal use of the affected, resulting in some unnecessary dangers. Of course, in many cases, too much power will cause insufficient distance, which brings us a lot of inconvenience.
DC sockets with the consumption of people in depth, gradually found a strange phenomenon, that is, the length of products such as the Australian power line is constantly shortening. In this regard, many consumers have launched their own analysis, most of the views that are mainly for the purpose of reducing costs.
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