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Analysis of common problems in DC power sockets

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DC power outlet common problems to introduce, in the use of the process, easy to appear a series of problems, these common problems give you a brief introduction, I hope you can recognize these problems.
Switching transistors in DC power outlets are fast enough to reduce energy loss to a greater extent. For switching mode power supplies, switching transistors dissipate more energy in a small amount of heat dissipation when in or off state. The energy loss occurs during switching, because the electrical energy stored in the diode and the electrical energy stored in the parasitic inductance and parasitic capacitance are released. The "turn off loss" refers to the loss of the equipment from the opening to the closing process, in order to ensure better efficiency under the acceptable compromise scheme, the key is to verify and verify the design of the switching power supply. In order to accomplish these tasks, it is usually necessary to determine the switching power loss and magnetic power loss to determine the efficiency of the switching power supply, and also to determine the function of the power quality and the harmonious wave to master the switching power on the power line.
DC power outlets therefore switch power between 80% and 90% into a mainstream. Ideally, all power sources work according to mathematical models. However, there are various problems in the real world, for example: parts defects, load changes, power distortion and frequent environmental changes. With special power measuring software, the steps of measuring magnetism with oscilloscope can be greatly simplified. In many cases, only the voltage and excitation current are measured, and then the software is used to complete the calculation of magnetic measurement. Magnetic measurements can be carried out on a single winding inductor or on a transformer with primary current source and secondary current source.
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