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The quality of the micro touch switch is related to the production process

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To make the quality of the micro touch switch more excellent, the production process must be perfected. What questions do we need to know? The following detailed introduction to you.
Micro touch switch production process: Stamping - injection - Cleaning - Installation - molding - Inspection and other processes;
The difference between micro touch switch and thin film switch. The two requirements for the production environment are very high. Relatively speaking, the higher the dustproof grade is, the better the quality of the product is. Thin film switches require high fineness, require accurate cooperation of parts, and be very picky about the appearance and color of products. And the micro touch switch requires more fine degree, because the cooperation of each part directly affects the product drawing and feel, the requirements of the product is very high, but the appearance and color of the product is not as critical as the film switch. The cost and price of the micro touch switch are relatively low, and the price adjustment is not shaken by the original data of the mall. The relative price of the film switch is high and the volume is large, which is greatly influenced by the price factors of the original data.
The micro touch switch and the film switch are all attributable to the functional switch, and the micro touch switch is the switch button when it is used. When the hand is loosed, the switch can be broken and its internal structure is connected by the force of the metal projectile. The mini touch switch is small in size and belongs to standard parts. The scale and related parameters are combined with the industry standard. A film switch is a button with a line itself. The top layer is a panel consisting of PET or PC. The base is a conductive line. The center is a double-sided adhesive that mimics the switch mode and plays a barrier effect. The most basic level is generally the contact and connection line on the PET data. The road. When finger pressing the key part of the surface, the contact between the key contact and the contact point at the base part contacts the current.
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