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Light touch switch manufacturer provides you with test life method

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For the light touch of the life of the switch, our manufacturers have already tested, many of them, in order to let everyone rest assured of the process, we give you a detailed introduction, I hope you can understand and understand these problems。
The light touch switch is through the press handle to press the internal hardware shrapnel to make a break. This press process is called the stroke, that is, the distance between the bullet and the gun. The secondary hand is called life expectancy, and the life expectancy of this switch is 10W times. We often tell you that the key to the life of a switch is its shrapnel. The material and precision of shrapnel are one of the important factors that affect the life span, and are also important factors affecting the handle. Is our life judged according to the quality of shrapnel? Obviously not, we choose the material only theory, the actual use is based on our test results, and today we will introduce the life style and test standards for you.
Light touch switch life test standard mode and process: first, we first fixed the switch on the panel of the machine, then adjust the weight in setting the number of life, again the number of life tests to detect the conductivity of the switch and the sense of hand. Life test standard: weight is two times the power of the switch to press the switch at 30-40 times per minute, and the electrical performance of the switch is tested after testing the mechanical performance. If the test is finished to stop higher than 30m Europe, the judgment is bad and the judgment is good, and the life test should also test whether the switch can be conducted and pressed, and the feeling is good. A good touch switch manufacturer, every production of a batch of switches must undergo life test to ensure the stability of the switch.
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