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Two point selection method with light touch switch

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The selection of light touch switches with light is very important. The key factors are the protection of the waterproof switch, the weldability, the reliability, the life, the feeling, the production process and the size of the installation. How do you choose?
The key of the light touch switch is the contact of the touch switch and the contact point of the conductive parts during the switch.
First, the bigger the switch contact, the better the better
There are mainly three kinds of contacts, silver nickel alloy, silver cadmium alloy and pure silver. Silver-nickel alloy is an ideal contact material at present. It has good electrical conductivity and hardness, and it is not easy to oxidize and rust.
Second, the contact is to look at the material. Light light touch switch shell material with light. The main switch brands on the market generally choose PC materials, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, not easy to discolor characteristics for the control of electrical switches is very important.
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