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The bad identification of the DC socket

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OK, DC socket is a good look. How to do the identification of DC socket? The following is a detailed introduction to you. There are three main points. If there is something unclear, you can contact us for consultation.
1. Look at the appearance. High quality switch and socket panels are made of high-grade plastic products. They look uniform in material, smooth and clean in appearance. Rudong Kun electronics to the plastic panel materials are selected by the United States General Company imported PC material (bulletproof adhesive). Its flame retardancy, insulation and impact resistance are excellent, and the material is stable and is not easy to change color. The use of such materials produced by customs and outlets can greatly reduce the occurrence of fires in fields such as Tian Yuan.
Two, open the switch panel, you can see the internal structure of switches and sockets. As far as switches are concerned, they usually use pure silver contacts made of silver-copper composite conductive sheets, which can prevent arc-induced oxidation when switching on and off. The high quality and plate conductive bridge is made of silver nickel copper composite. The silver material has excellent conductivity, and the silver nickel platform has a strong ability to suppress the arc. This ensures that the switch of Dong Kun can be closed more than 80000 times, far more than the standard of 40000 times stipulated in the world. The East Kun electronic switch adopts brass screw compression line, the contact surface is large and good, the pressing ability is strong, and the wiring is stable and reliable. The single port wiring copper column has large wiring capacity and is not limited by wire diameter. In addition, the product panel reserved 6-8 (up and down left and right and four corners) fixed installation holes, free and flexible, suitable for a variety of installation needs.
Three, the ten DC socket, the first thing to consider is its safety. The safety protection door of the socket is absolutely necessary. When you select the socket, try to choose the product with protective door. Secondly, check the tighter sound of socket clips, and smooth insertion force is a key factor. The structure of the pinch clip of Dong Kun electronic socket has broken through the traditional design. Using the powerful extrusion method, it greatly enhanced the combination of the clip and the plug, and exempted the heat of the long time use. At the same time, the power extrusion made the plug not easy to fall off. At the same time, DC plugged with high quality tin phosphorus bronze, good electrical conductivity, strong anti fatigue, the number of socket plugged 10000 times (national standard 5000 times).
As the name implies, "touch" is not necessary to use much power to contact the switch contacts can change the state, so the contact capacity is very small, and the structure is simple, the switch power revocation can only keep the original state, that is to say, a very small force can be pressed, without locking a single contact button switch. At present, the thin film switch and small micro switch can be considered as light touch switches. Most of these switches are used to print conductive lines on two pieces of insulated thin film. The transmission lines are connected by press, or the butterfly flaps made of thin elastic metal are used to connect the printed circuit.
The self locking switch is reset after power failure, that is, the locking mechanism should work on the power supply, and the finished product seems to be not, because the circuit can be achieved by using the general button switch and the relay; but if only one relay (or contactor) is used, a set of constant contact points is used to control the relay (contactor). Work coil power supply, relay iron and iron as a switch button, press the iron, press the iron, relay control coil contacts closed, coil electricity, the relay keeps suction (self locking), the rest of the contact control other lines; when the power is broken, the relay is immediately off, the iron reset, the equivalent button reset, need again reset, need once more reset button, need again reset, need again reset, need again reset button reset, need again, need once more reset, need again Press the relay balance iron to connect the power supply again. This relay is quite a live button switch at this time.
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