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Treatment of leakage in DC power outlet

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The use of DC power socket in the process will also produce leakage phenomenon, this phenomenon should be how to deal with it? The following is introduced to you.
When we use the DC power socket, we often have leakage, so how can we prevent the DC power socket leakage, the specific methods are as follows:
1. The DC power outlet should be placed out of reach of the child.
2. Protecting potential with transparent soft plastic socket can prevent children from touching socket hole.
3. Pull out the plug of the electric appliance in case of thunderstorm to prevent lightning from destroying the electric appliance or injuring people.
4. DC outlet manufacturers say that children should be educated not to put anything (such as sticks, wire, keys, etc.) into the socket hole;
5. Do not use wet hands to plug and pull the plug, also do not use a wet rag to wipe the plug and socket power;
6. Don't put the electric socket of the water dispenser directly on the ground, so as to avoid leakage of water to the ground wet socket and leakage of electricity, especially when electrified.
7, DC socket manufacturers think, pull out DC power outlet, must be adults personally do it, do not let children do, in order to avoid pulling out half of the finger contact with the metal part of the plug and electric shock. At the same time, pull the plug to grasp the plug pull out, and should not pull, pull plug power line.
Compared with the linear power supply, although the design of the socket power is more complex, some performance indicators are still less than the linear power supply, and the noise is larger, but the main advantages of the socket power supply are reflected in the power efficiency, volume and weight. DC socket manufacturers introduce, especially when the power supply is made up of high power, with the same output power, its volume is much smaller than that of a linear power supply and the cost is significantly reduced.
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