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How to handle the surface of micro touch switch

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How do we deal with the surface of the mini touch switch? There are two ways to deal with different processes.
There are two kinds of surface treatment for micro touch switch, polishing and grinding, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages.
The characteristic of the key switch is that it is installed in the machine and instrument in the process of work. Most of the time it is in the position of the initial free state. It only changes to the second state (position) under the action of the external force when required. Once the external force is removed, the switch will return to the original position due to the action of the spring.
Polished surface treatment is also called mirror treatment, smooth surface, mirror surface polishing surface treatment, the greatest advantage is that dirty things are not easy, easy to clean, and the surface is smooth, glossy, looks more beautiful, air; and occasional inadequacies can lead to small friction from the beginning.
Micro touch switch manufacturer analysis, grinding surface or subsurface, the surface is composed of many dense and bumpy points, grinding surface looks calm, not publicized, occasionally scraped without leaving obvious traces. But the biggest problem is that the grinding surface is easy to dirty, dirty things so that the text is easy to leave traces, difficult to clean up, clean up more trouble.
The manufacturer of the miniature touch switch introduced that the most commonly used brand is surface polishing, although easy to cause traces, but because the Dongguan button switch installed on the wall is vertical, even if some small scratches are not obvious, in addition, due to the contact between the switch and the hand, so scratch probability ratio probability Frosted surfaces are much less dirty.
The key switch structure is a connection formed on a diaphragm composed of an upper piece and a lower piece by pressing down the key head, which is characterized in that a plurality of contact points are formed on the diaphragm below the key head, and the above-mentioned multiple contact points are connected with the above-mentioned upper piece and the above-mentioned lower piece respectively by a pattern part. A protrusion part is arranged at the position of the above-mentioned key head relative to the above-mentioned multiple contact parts.
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