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What is the normally closed light touch switch?

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Often closed light touch switch you may not be very clear, we give you a popularization, I hope you can recognize these problems. Clear and normally closed touch switch.
What is a normally closed tactile switch? Light touch switch manufacturer for you to explain: we know that the conventional light touch switch when we press the light touch switch button on the circuit on, a loose hand on the disconnection, do not press when the working state is disconnected, I listed the following conventional 6 * 6 light touch switch:
A.6*6 patch touch switch: also known as SMD light touch switch, is a typical constant open touch switch.
Two.6*6 plug-in light touch switch, also known as DIP touch switch, hand welding more:
What is normally closed touch switch: As the name implies, normally closed touch switch is a long time in the closed key switch. The circuit that normally closes the light touch switch becomes disconnected when the unlike button exerts pressure, which is simply the opposite of the conventional circuit. The following is the picture of the normally closed light touch switch and the normally closed touch switch circuit.
The advantages and application industries of the normal-closed light-touch switch: the normal-closed light-touch switch has the characteristics of soft handle, high life, ultra-thin, sealing and so on. It is usually used in washing machines, copier scanners, medical equipment and other industries.
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