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Composition of components in toggle switch

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What components are included in the toggle switch? What is the material of each part? The following will be introduced to you.
1. Iron Shell (Material: generally iron; Switch manufacturer treatment process: through the electroplating of nickel or pot black process, so as to prevent its oxidation)
2. Plastic handle (material: generally POM material, switch manufacturers if there is fire retardant flame retardant high temperature requirements, often choose PA nylon material processing technology: injection molding)
3. terminals (material: generally copper phosphorus; processing technology: Silver Plated)
4. insulation baseplate (material: electrical board; processing technology: stamping molding)
5. contact code chip (material: generally copper phosphorus; processing technology: silver plating)
6. round wave beads (material: stainless steel in general; treatment process: nickel plated)
7. catapult (material: bronze; processing technology: Stamping).
8. Decorative oil (material: red oil or green oil, a kind of chemical oil, smeared on the terminal and the bottom of the contact parts, for decorative effect. General requirements are non-toxic, environmentally friendly.
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