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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the structure of the touch switch?

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What's the advantage of the patch touch switch, whether it's appearance or material, we need some advantages, the details of which we will discuss in detail below.
Various advantages of SMD touch switch
Appearance structure of the product:
The chip touch switch is one of the touch switches, all of which work the same way. There is something else in the patch-type appearance structure and plug-in appearance structure. The base of the product forms 90 degrees with the pins. The pins must be kept flat. The foot spacing of each pin is the same. This is the patch-type. The low seat of the product and the pin form 180 degrees, the pin shape are inward bending, to ensure that the plug-in board will not fall off, this is plug-in type. Patch like left, plug-in like right.
Multiple benefits of the product:
Because the product is in the form of patch, it is very suitable for reflow soldering. Benefits of reflow soldering: 1) When reflow soldering, the printed circuit board does not need to be immersed in the molten solder, but uses the local heating method to complete the welding task; therefore, the welded components are subjected to less thermal shock and will not be damaged by overheating. 2) The welding defects such as bridging are avoided because the welding technique requires only placing solder on the welding site and local heating to complete the welding. 3) In reflow soldering technology, solder is only used once, there is no reuse of the situation, so the solder is very pure, no impurities, to ensure the quality of solder joints. Patch light touch switch with reflow welding process can improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, product defect rate and save costs and other benefits. The switch of the patch must be packed with carrier tape, which can improve the tightness and preservation of the product. There are many advantages!
Material requirements:
Reflow welding is normally a 7-Stage temperature process, switch to cooperate with the production process, the material of its products should also meet the requirements of production process. The highest temperature point of reflow welding is 260 degrees, and the plastic material of the switch should reach 260 degrees to ensure its inherent heat resistance. Reflow soldering is the use of machine suction production technology, its switch pin must maintain smoothness, pins must ensure that tin can be eaten, pins can not be oxidized, so to ensure the solderability of products. The material of switch and pin is best to use copper silver plating process. The best plating is above 0.3um.
Types of products:
Our products are diversified, according to different use environment, different use structure, there are different types of products are developed. There are: ultra-thin patch type, side-by-side patch type, waterproof patch type, patch band support type, patch band lamp type, patch dust-proof type and other forms of products. There are many kinds of products. I will not introduce them here.
Scope of application:
Medical equipment, smart watches, tablet computers, wearable equipment, digital products, color television, black and white television, audio equipment, video recorders, cameras, computers, games, fax machines, walkie-talkies, batons, machine tool control devices, copying, printers, electronic instruments, meters and other household appliances.
Purchase instructions and precautions:
Whether the product is good or bad will directly affect the production process and the final quality of the finished product. Therefore, we should pay attention to the purchase and use of the same time, we must first understand the product's temperature resistance, solderability, appearance is intact, the product's strap packaging is just tight, feel difference size, product life. In production, attention must be paid to such problems as whether the temperature curve of reflow soldering is reasonable, whether the thickness of PCB solder paste is uniform, whether the flux can not be excessive, whether the switch feel is not enough, whether the machine programming has errors, etc.
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