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The mini touch switch has some points to note.

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There are some points to note in the use of micro touch switch. What exactly is it? Let me introduce below.
Dongguan Micro Touch Switch has good quality and reasonable price. It is a micro-electronic component which is preferred by the major manufacturers of micro Touch Switch. It has high evaluation in the industry. It is also a product type that is mainly pushed by our Dongguan light touch switch manufacturer. The mini touch switch is mainly waterproof and ordinary. With or without lights. Patch type touch and so on. Because of the precise structure, we will inevitably have some problems in use, so we need to pay special attention to some of the main points of use.
The following are some precautions collected by our manufacturers.
1. When using a thin circuit board, pay attention to the micro touch switch floating on the mounting.
2. If it is used in dusty environment, dust will enter from the opening of the micro touch switch, which will cause contact failure and poor operation. This should be considered in the design of the whole machine.
3, the welding conditions should be set according to the actual conditions of mass production.
4. The miniature touch switch is designed and manufactured based on the DC resistance load. When using other loads (inductive load (L) or capacitive load (C)), please confirm separately.
5, micro touch switch can not be cleaned.
6. When welding the terminal of the micro touch switch, if the load is applied on the terminal, it will be loosened, deformation and electrical characteristics degenerate due to different conditions, please pay attention to when using.
7. If corrosive gases are produced in the surrounding materials of the whole machine using the micro-touch switch, it is possible to cause poor contact and other phenomena, which should be confirmed beforehand.
8, when welding, water soluble flux may corrode the possibility of micro touch switch and should be avoided.
9. Please note that circuit settings (software settings) should be made into combinations according to the jumps and oscillations specified by the types of switches to avoid misoperation.
10, attention should not be used in the vicinity of the upper and upper limit of the temperature range for a long time. It should be in the range of environmental tests in the product specifications specified in the conditions.
11. Pay attention to the stroke position with sufficient room from the ON starting position, that is, to use as close as possible to the full stroke position.
12. Attention should not be paid to the restoring force of the micro touch switch as the driving force of the mechanical part of the combined component.
13. In the use of temperature in the last period and near the lower limit for continuous action, attention should be paid to the type of each machine to determine whether the use of the provisions are possible.
14. When the mini touch switch is used in vehicle, please use the designated switch for automobile. Do not use a mini touch switch that is not specified for automobiles.
15. When using through-hole printed circuit boards and non-recommended circuit boards, the effect of thermal stress will change, so please fully confirm the welding conditions in advance.
16. When overlapping or moving PCB in the process, be careful not to exert external force to the operation section in the horizontal direction.
17. In the assembly process, special attention should be paid not to exert external force on small, thin micro-touch switches.
18, as the bending of the circuit board may cause changes in properties, please fully consider the pattern design and layout.
19, pay attention to the safekeeping method of micro touch switch.
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