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Safety matters needing attention in use and wiring of switch

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Today, I will explain to you the safety matters needing attention in the use and wiring of the dial switch. What should we do in detail? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
The switch manufacturer knows in the industry that the switch is often regarded as an insignificant and insignificant link in the maintenance process of household electrical appliances. According to the statistics of the industry, the fire caused by electrical reasons accounts for 26.1% of the total number of fires, and the quality of the switch and the problems caused by its installation are exactly the causes of electrical fires. One of the important causes of disasters, therefore, safety products have become our most important selection principle, select several key switch products:.
1. Wiring terminals: There are two kinds of traditional screw terminals and fast terminals introduced from Japan and gradually popular. Although the latter is difficult to produce, it is more reliable to use, and the wiring is very simple and fast. Even if the non-professional builders in the switching manufacturer, only switching switches should simply insert wires into the terminal holes. The connection quality of the screw terminal is easily affected by the technical level of the constructors, and after the connection, it is easy to loosen when subjected to vibration or pulling by external force, resulting in virtual connection or even falling off.
2. Switch feel: Hand feeling is the simplest way for ordinary consumers to judge whether a switch is good or bad. A good switch usually has a hard spring and a strong sense of strength when switching, while a common switch is very soft, and even the phenomenon that the switch handle stops in the middle often occurs.
3. Digging switch: Generally there are two choices or three, three or more, which is more convenient to use. But if the switch is not used properly, it is easy to damage the switch. Electrical appliances are the same. Especially small electrical appliances, there are more products from the manufacturers who use the switch, in order to ensure it. The quality of our manufacturers in the production of materials can not be ambiguous, technology is more demanding.
4. Copper Material: As a copper material, it can not be seen clearly when purchasing, but it is very important for the switch. The simple way to judge is to try to pull out the strength is appropriate.
5. Insulating materials: Insulating materials are very important for the safety of switches, but it is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge. It is certainly the best way to do combustion experiments on its core components when purchasing them. If there are no conditions, from the appearance, good materials are generally harder and harder to scratch. After shaping the switch, it is very difficult for ordinary consumers to make a judgment. The structure is tight and the weight is heavy.
The switching switch is a kind of switch that can turn on or off the circuit by switching the switch handle, so as to achieve the purpose of switching the circuit. The commonly used types of the switching switch are unipolar bipolar, unipolar triple, bipolar bipolar and bipolar triple, etc. It is generally used in low voltage circuits.
The switching switch is mainly divided into large current switching switch and small current switching switch. Small current switching switch is often used in electronic toys, digital communications, large current is generally used in electrical appliances, machinery and other equipment. The switching switch has the characteristics of flexible slider movement, stable and reliable performance. It is mainly used in various instruments/instrumentation equipment. Various electric toys, fax machines, audio equipment, medical equipment, beauty equipment, and other electronic products.
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