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Introduction to the Material of the Slug of the Light Touch Switch

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What are the shrapnel in the flip switch that we press while thinking about? Now I will give you a detailed introduction.
In this era of electrification, all kinds of electrical products make our life more convenient and improve our quality of life, but we often hear complaints that the switch of an electrical appliance is broken and the electrical appliances can not work. It is really urgent. It can be seen that the switch has a great effect and all kinds of electrical appliances want to work normally. Really through the switch control, each use of small switches is a slight wear, recording the number of times the use of electrical appliances, but also determines the service life of electrical appliances.
Today, we will talk about the common touch switch in our daily life. It is compact and light, beautiful appearance and long service life, so it is widely used in our life, such as remote control, television, microwave oven, rice cooker, digital camera, MP3, MP4, audio and other products. The touch switch is made of inserts, base, bullet, etc. Waterproof lightly touched switch is composed of sheet, button and cover. The waterproof lightly touched switch will be covered with a layer of polyimide film. The shrapnel can be said to be the heart part of lightly touched switch. We often talk about how the switch feels, which is controlled by shrapnel. Its quality has an impact on the number of times the lightly touched switch is used, and indirectly affects the electricity. The service life of the appliances.
There are round, square, triangle, ellipse and so on. The travels of different shapes are different. Triangle and ellipse are seldom seen in the interior of light touch switch. Generally, they are square and circular. Square and circle have advantages in shape, handle and process, among which circular is the most widely used. It is the shortest row spacing among the shrapnel shapes. There are two kinds of shrapnel materials: phosphorus-copper and stainless steel. Many domestic manufacturers will choose phosphorus-copper shrapnel, because the cost-effective ratio of phosphorus-copper shrapnel is high. The disadvantage is that the temperature resistance of shrapnel is not as good as stainless steel, which will be changed after furnace temperature. It is easy to shrink and make the hand feel worse, while the cost of stainless steel shrapnel is relatively high, but not. Easy to deform, high precision, good feel, comfortable buttons, making the life of touch switch longer.
For your reference, we recommend several domestic lighttouch switch brands with good handle, Zhengtai, Delixi and Alps. Xingkun XKB. Among them, Alps brand lighttouch switch has high temperature resistance, long service life and waterproof property. Xingkun XKB brand switch uses stainless steel shrapnel imported from Taiwan and Japan, which can ensure that each switch is not low. In a word, it is very important to touch the shrapnel of the switch less than 100,000 times. When purchasing, we must remember to understand clearly, ask about the material of the shrapnel, and select the appropriate lightly touched switch, so as to ensure that our electrical products can be used smoothly. Now more and more mature domestic customers will replace the imported Alps light touch switch with Xingkun XKB brand. In terms of cost and delivery, it is more in line with domestic demand. After all, XKB brand can fully meet the market demand of small light touch switch with easily offset points.
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