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Points needing attention in the use and welding of dust-proof patches

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One of the important parts of the light touch switch is the dust-proof patch. What should we pay attention to in the use and welding of this patch? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
Touch switch is a basic assembly parts in many industries. Touch switch can play a direct role in controlling the normal operation and stop of the whole product. So its quality is directly related to the quality of the whole machine. Once the performance of touch switch is not good, people will treat the whole commodity. The evaluation is not high, but maybe it's just because of a small touch switch, and the internal circuit board is very good, which makes the product quality of the touch switch very important. The quality assurance of a complex electrical appliance is made up of the same fragmentary parts. Only by ensuring the quality of the product in detail can it be the most important. Ultimately guarantee the quality of the whole commodity.
In recent years, the market of smartphones is expanding gradually. Smartphones are beginning to appear in people's lives. Different smartphones have different appearance and performance, which brings us different feeling of using. Smartphones are divided into many grades and touch switch times, and the price is also high or low. But when we use smartphones, we can use them. The most frequently used parts are often overlooked by us, that is, touch the switch lightly.
As the name implies, the light touch switch is a switch that can be used as long as it is touched lightly. When we listen to a song, whether we play a song or adjust the volume, we have to press this small switch manually. Often, the low-cost smartphone buttons on the market are not easy to use, and they always come out from time to time. Problem, you may have had this kind of experience on other small appliances. You press it clearly, but the switch operates automatically twice. Sometimes, how to press it does not respond. This is caused by the failure of the switch. When we buy small appliances, we only pay attention to the appearance and other performance, but it is always easy to overlook this. The eye-catching switch, in fact, bought a smartphone, electric shaver, touch the switch if there is a problem on the top, then the role of the entire electrical appliances can not play, the entire electrical operation system will be paralysed because of this small switch.
There are many potential problems when we touch the patch switch, and some things we often neglect when we use it. The following are some common problems that the patch switch will encounter and some points that need to be paid attention to when using it.
1. When welding the terminal of patch light touch switch, if the load is applied to the terminal, it will be loosened, deformed and the electrical characteristics will deteriorate due to different conditions. Please pay attention to it when using.
2. When using through-hole PCB and PCB other than those recommended, due to the change of thermal stress, please confirm the welding conditions in advance.
3. When welding twice, please do it after the first welding part is restored to normal temperature. Continuous heating may cause deformation of the peripheral part of the external light touch switch, loosening of the terminals, falling off and reducing the electrical characteristics.
4. As for the setting of welding conditions, it is necessary to confirm the actual batch production conditions.
5. The product is designed and manufactured on the premise of DC resistance load. When using other loads [inductive load, capacitive load, please confirm separately.
6. Installation holes and modes of printed circuit boards, please refer to the recommended dimensions recorded in the product drawings.
7. The switch should be used for the structure of the switch directly operated by human, but not for the mechanical detection function.
8. When the patch touches the switch lightly, if the specified load is applied, the switch will be damaged. Please be careful not to exert the specified force on the switch.
9. Avoid side-by-side operation.
10. For the flat shaft type, press down the center of the switch as far as possible. For the hinge structure, the press position of the shaft bar will move when pressed. Please pay special attention to it.
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