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The material quality of the toggle switch should not be poor.

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To make a good switching switch, the material must be used well. First of all, efforts should be made on the copper sheet. What are the specific details of the copper sheet? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
Excellent quality switchgear is made of high quality copper parts. Anti-oxidation, strong toughness, thick copper sheet and less riveting are the four major indicators of high quality switchgear copper parts.
1. The thickness of copper sheet increases the current passing capacity and reduces the resistance of copper sheet itself.
2. Strong toughness, especially for the switching switch socket, not easy to deform. Even if the switch is used for a long time, it can maintain the appropriate clamping force, ensure that the socket is closely connected with the plug, and reduce the arc.
3. Anti-oxidation, non-rusting, reducing resistance increase and heating problems caused by rust;
4. Less riveting, preferably a piece of copper, to further reduce the riveting part fracture and rivet heat.
Over the past few years, brass is the mainstream of current carriers for switching switches; now, it is the last to use brass as current carriers, and the quality is affirmative. Brass has bright yellow appearance, excellent conductivity and soft texture, but its performance in anti-oxidation and toughness (elasticity) is not ideal. After long-term use of brass, the surface of copper parts will be oxidized and rusted, the color will darken, and the contact resistance will increase. After repeated insertion, brass sheets often fail to collect electricity due to poor toughness and serious deformation, or arc formed due to poor contact, which can not guarantee safe power consumption.
At present, tin-phosphorus bronze is used as the main material for copper parts. Tin-phosphorus bronze alloy is purple red in appearance. Its greatest feature is its high fatigue strength, strong elasticity, excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Even after long-term use, its surface will not be oxidized and corroded, the socket will not deform, and always maintain the appropriate clamping force.
Considering the thickness of copper parts, if the product can not be disassembled visually, a simple way of weighing by hand can be used. The more copper is used, the heavier the switch is.
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