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Some Requirements for Service Life of Pull-out Switches

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Pull the switch about the service life of some requirements should be done well, where to detect it? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
No-load: The operator performs 100,000 no-load tests at 60 times per minute.
(1) The contact resistance should not exceed 200 m_.
(2) Others are satisfied with mechanical and electrical properties.
The manufacturer of the switching switch analyses the heat resistance test of the switching switch.
After 96 hours of testing at 85 +2 C, the test was conducted at normal room temperature for 1 hour.
Requirements: No abnormal appearance, meet the mechanical and electrical performance.
The pull-out switch of the pull-out switch can change the state of the switch contacts without much contact, so the capacities of the contacts are very small, and the structure is simple. The pull-out switch can only maintain the original state after the withdrawal of the pull-out switch force, that is to say, it can be pressed with a very small force, and the single-contact button without locking can be opened. At present, thin film switches and small micro-motion switches can be regarded as switches. Most of them are structurally printed conductive circuits on two insulating thin films, which are connected by pressing, or butterfly-shaped projectiles made of thin elastic metals, which are connected by moving projectiles.
1. First of all, it is the pin base material. The pin base material of the switching switch is brass or phosphorus copper (low grade is iron). In order to reduce the contact resistance, the pin is basically silver plated. SO2 gas in the air will be oxidized when silver meets, which directly affects the solderability and contact resistance of the switching switch. Therefore, high-quality switching should first be on the pin. The thickness of silver plating and silver plating process are controlled in place.
2. The final quality problem is assembly process, which depends on the management ability of the production company, the quality meaning of the employees and the quality assurance ability. The final product quality will be different with different assurance ability. There are manual and machine assembly methods for the toggle switch in the market now, because at present there are many kinds of manual and machine assembly methods for the toggle switch. In the process of further improvement of automation capability, there are advantages and disadvantages: low cost of machine assembly but low quality of products, high cost of manual assembly but high quality.
3. The key factor affecting the reliability of conduction is the structure of contact point. Because the function of pull-out switch is contact conduction between contact point and shrapnel, the larger the contact surface is, the better the contact surface is. The contact surface is determined by the structure. There are probably three types of structures in the market. The order of advantages and disadvantages is as follows: Bubble (crater type), "O-type contact". Slot type "2-point contact" and flat foam type "1-point contact".
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