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Characteristic introduction of high quality copper sheet in DC socket

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When using DC socket, we should pay attention to the detection of copper sheets. What are the characteristics of good copper sheets? Here is a detailed introduction for you.
DC socket is widely used in household appliances, such as audio, computer, television and so on. DC socket is a small part, but it will also have an impact on the use of our electrical appliances. How to choose the right DC socket? We should consider from several aspects, for example, for users of desktop computers, there may also be a need for a dedicated computer socket, which can meet the needs of multi-socket, high-power computers. In addition, the role of copper in DC socket is to ensure the current flow and reduce the fever of the key components. High-quality power sockets are basically made of high-quality copper. The four criteria of oxidation resistance, strong toughness, thick copper sheet and less riveting are used to judge the quality of copper sockets.
1. Thickness of copper sheet, increase current passing capacity and reduce resistance of copper sheet;
2. Strong toughness, especially for DC socket socket, not easy to deform. If the socket is used for a long time, it can also maintain proper clamping force to ensure that the socket is closely connected with the plug and reduce the arc.
3. Anti-oxidation, non-rusting, reducing the resistance increase and heating problems caused by rust;
4. Less riveting, preferably a piece of copper, to further reduce the riveting part fracture and rivet heat.
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