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Maintenance and Selection Details of Light Touch Switches

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How to maintain and select the light touch switch? For your convenience, we will give you a detailed introduction today.
There are many kinds of light touch switches. According to pin classification, there are two-foot light touch switches, three-foot light touch switches, four-foot light touch switches and multi-foot light touch switches. According to packaging, they can be divided into patch light touch switches and plug-in light touch switches. There are also many kinds of light touch switches according to material, size and so on. Touch switch is also called button switch. It consists of shrapnel, button, base, insert and cover.
Share tips for selecting lightly touched switches for daily maintenance
With the development of Electronic Science and technology, the specifications of light touch switch are more and more, from the earliest 12*12, 8*8 to now a variety of light touch switch structure has also increased from vertical horizontal to combined. Nowadays people are worried about more and more black-hearted factories. They are always worried when purchasing. In order not to be deceived, more and more people are more concerned about the daily maintenance of lightly touching switches and the secrets when selecting them. What should we pay attention to? Let's take the light touch switch manufacturer as an example. The secret of our daily maintenance and selection of light touch switch is its experience in recent ten years. I believe it can help you.
First, in the daily maintenance and testing of touch switches, we should pay attention to whether the touch switches become fragile due to aging, degeneration, flexibility, or cracking quality problems. Many data of lightly touching switch have the effect of dust-proof and electric insulation, so we should pay attention to maintenance in daily use. People can start with the data of lightly touching the switch to eradicate more potential consumption hazards.
2. Because of the high flexibility of touching the switch lightly, we should pay attention to not excessively squeeze when pressing. Because the control buttons on fine instruments, simple ones and the keys on them all have the same principle, it is assumed that pressing or tapping with the tripod force will reduce the flexibility of touch switch self-induction.
3. If there is abnormal operation of light touch switch, remember not to stop disassembly without authorization. Without professional maintenance environment, many high-end electrical appliances need to stop opening in dust-insulated environment. Because dust will have conductive effect, this is a very risky approach. Therefore, the detection and maintenance of light touch must be stopped in a special environment.
The Secret of Selecting a Light Touch Switch
Above all, strict factory inspection is also an indispensable element of quality. For example, hand feel, appearance, resistance and other items are sampled or full inspection, these seemingly minute details all determine its quality.
Secondly, the reliability of the touch switch can be said to be determined by the structure of the touch point. The larger the touch surface of the touch point, the better, and vice versa. The concavity and convexity of consumption technology also determines the quality.
Thirdly, life and feel are determined by the shrapnel and stroke of the light touch switch. Short journey and low noise will increase their longevity, whereas shorten their longevity.
However, the consumption process depends on the cooperation of the management ability of the consumer, the quality awareness of the staff and the quality assurance ability.
Finally, for landing touch resistance, light touch switch can be used. The lead of light touch switch is usually made of brass or phosphorus copper, which is essentially disposed of by silver plating. This directly affects the welding and touch resistance of the switch. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection.
In summary, the main factors affecting its quality are: solderability, life, protection, reliability of conduction, handle and consumption technology, and installation scale.
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