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Specific Method of Regular Detection of Light Touch Switch with Lamp

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We need to regularly detect the light touch switch, when using, we should pay attention to the detection method. What is the specific detection method? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
The detection method of light touch switch with lamp is very simple. As long as it is touched or pressed lightly, we can observe the sense of Carlton when it is pressed and the sensitivity of reaction. Whether it is a large light touch switch or a small light touch switch, it can make people feel that the operation is simple and easy.
Many materials with light touch switch have the effect of dust-proof and electricity-insulating. They should be carefully maintained in daily use. People can start with light touch switch, which is an insulating material, to eliminate more hidden dangers in production. In daily maintenance and detection of light touch switch, we should pay attention to whether the light touch switch becomes fragile and deteriorated due to aging time, and the sensitivity decreases. Or quality problems such as cracking.
If there is abnormal operation of light touch switch, remember not to disassemble it without authorization. This is a very dangerous practice. There is no professional maintenance environment. Many high-end electrical products need to be opened in a dust-insulated environment, because dust will have conductive effect, so light touch switch detection and maintenance must be specialized. Conducted in an environment.
Because of the high sensitivity of light touch switch, we should pay attention not to over-squeeze when pressing, because both the control button on the precision instrument and the simple button on it have the same principle. When using the light touch switch, the sensitivity of light touch switch itself will be reduced if the light touch switch is pressed or struck vigorously.
Because of its small size, long life, light touch and other advantages, it has been widely used in many fields such as household appliances. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, these household appliances will be updated faster and faster, and the number of them will become larger and larger, which is also the most potential direction for us to look forward to its development prospects.
In order to improve the service life of ultra-small light touch switch, it is particularly important to select high-quality light touch switch. Looking at the contact point of light touch switch is a common method when we select light touch switch. Here are some methods of selecting high-quality light touch switch.
Selection of lightly touch switch ultra-small lightly touch switch method 1, first of all for pin base material, lightly touch switch pin base material for brass or phosphorus copper (low grade for iron). In order to reduce contact resistance, pins are basically silver plated, SO2 gas in silver encounter air will oxidize, directly affecting the solderability and contact resistance of the switch, so high-quality lightly touch switch should first be plated on pin base material. The thickness of silver and silver plating process are well controlled.
Selection of ultra-small light touch switch method 2, factory inspection methods and items also affect the quality of the final light touch switch, such as appearance, feel, conduction, resistance and other items are spot checked or full checked, such as the rejection rate required by some large factories is measured by PPM or zero defect, it is necessary to set up spot checks or quality checks after factory inspection.
Selection of ultra-small light-touch switch method 3, with accessories, the ultimate impact on quality is the assembly process, assembly process depends on the management ability of the production company, employee quality meaning and quality assurance ability and other factors, different assurance ability of light-touch switch to the final product quality will certainly be different, now the market assembly method is artificial and machine, because of the current automation capabilities. In the process of further improvement, there are advantages and disadvantages: low cost of machine assembly but low quality of products, high cost of manual assembly but high quality.
Selection of ultra-small light touch switch method 4, life and feel are determined by the stroke of light touch switch and the combination of shrapnel, the shorter the stroke, the lighter the sound, the longer the travel, on the contrary, in the case of fixed shrapnel technology, mainly depend on the stroke or sound to determine the life of light touch switch, in addition, the key factor to determine the life of shrapnel is stamping technology.
The key factor affecting the conduction reliability is the structure of the contact point. Because the function of the light touch switch is to conduct contact between the contact point and the shrapnel, the larger the contact surface is, the better the contact surface is. The contact surface is determined by the structure. There are probably three types of structures in the market. The order of advantages and disadvantages is as follows: Bubble (crater type), "O-type contact" and grooved "2-point contact". Touch, flat bubble type "1 point contact".
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