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Quality Selection and Recognition of Switch Socket

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How to distinguish the quality of the switch socket and what problems should be paid attention to when choosing it. We will introduce the details below.
When we buy switch sockets, we usually expect to buy a product with long life and good quality. As for switch sockets, the quality of copper sheets directly determines its quality. Today let's talk about how to distinguish the quality of copper sheets in switch sockets.
I. materials
Copper sheet material is the main factor that decides the function of copper sheet. In the past, pure copper was the main material. In function, copper was the best, followed by red copper, and brass was the worst. Due to the limitation of the oxidation resistance of pure copper, copper alloys are now widely used, such as copper-cadmium alloy, copper-nickel alloy, tin-copper alloy, and now tin-phosphorus-copper alloy has the best function.
Two, length
Under the same material condition, the longer the copper sheet, the better.  Because the length of the copper sheet determines the size of the socket interval, the wider the distance between the sockets, the more convenient it is for two or three sockets to penetrate at the same time. There used to be many old sockets. Because of the short copper sheet, the sockets were short, so the two and three sockets could not be inserted at the same time.
Three, thickness
The thicker the copper sheet, the better the elasticity, the longer the corresponding socket life.
4. Forming Method
The old riveted copper sheet can clearly see that the material at both ends is completely different from that of the middle bridge, and there are significant riveting points. The copper sheet formed at one time has smaller resistance, smaller relative calorific value, better elasticity, higher safety factor and higher conductivity than riveted copper sheet.
V. Touch Method
There are two main touch methods for copper socket and conductive plug: point touch and face touch. Face touch is much more conductive and safe than point touch, because point touch is prone to sparks and copper sheets are easier to loosen.
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