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What is the correct way to use the light touch switch?

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The quality selection of light touch switch is clear to everyone. How to use it correctly is not clear to everyone. What is the specific operation method? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
Correct use of light touch switch:
1. Operating method of touch switch
(1) No strong repeated operation is allowed. If the handle button has been pressed further, excessive load weight may lead to the deformation of the reed (shrapnel) and become the cause of poor action.
(2) The riveting part will be damaged, which is the cause of the breakage of the switch, especially if the load on the transverse pressure type is too large. Therefore, during installation and operation, please be careful not to add more than the overload weight (29.4N, 1 minute, 1 time).
(3) Please press the handle to set the switch in the direction of vertical movement.  Pressing only one side of the handle, or oblique operation, may result in reduced durability.
2. Dust Countermeasure of Light Touch Switch
Because there is no switch with sealed structure, do not use it in places with dust.  When it has to be used, protective measures such as covering should be considered.
3. The printed substrates of light touch switches should be used as standard single-sided substrates with t=1.6mm.
(1) When using different thickness of substrate and double-sided perforated substrate, it may affect the matching clearance of switch, substrate insertion, heat resistance of solder joint, which will vary according to perforation and substrate design. Therefore, it is suggested that confirmation test be carried out.
(2) When the switch is installed on the printed substrate and the substrate is divided, there may be scattered powder entering the switch. Please pay attention to it. Especially in the case that the overlapping of containers and substrates prevents the substrates from splitting powder or foreign objects from attaching to switches, it is likely to cause poor contact.
4. Common Notices for Welding Light Touch Switch
(1) The confirmation test should be carried out in advance for multi-layer laminated substrates, etc. Thermal deformation may occur depending on the type of substrate, the design of substrate and the grounding.
(2) The number of re-welding, including manual corrected welding, should be less than 2 times. At this time, there should be no more than five minutes between the first and second assignments. It will be carried out after it returns to normal temperature. Continuous heating will result in distortion of external contour and damage of performance.
5. The occasion of automatic welding groove (wave soldering groove) of light touch switch (B3F, B3W, B3WN, B3J)
(1) Welding temperature: below 260 C
(2) Welding time: less than 5 seconds (t = 1.6 mm for single-sided substrate)
(3) Preheating temperature: below 100 C (ambient temperature)
(4) Preheating time: within 60 seconds
(5) Please be careful not to let the foamed flux contact switch on the printed substrate on the installation side. If there is foamed flux on the substrate, it may enter the switch and cause poor conduction.
6. The occasion of lightly touching switch reflux furnace (surface mounted)
Welding should be carried out within the temperature curve range of the terminals shown below.
(1) According to the reflux welding device, sometimes there will be a high peak value, please be sure to carry out the confirmation test.
(2) Welding gas and flux are easy to enter when the switch of the actual surface specification is welded in the reflux welding slot, which leads to the obstacle of button switch action, so it should be avoided.
7. The occasion of manual welding of light touch switch (all series)
Welding temperature: soldering iron tip temperature below 350 C
Welding time: less than 3 seconds (single-sided substrate t = 1.6 mm)
Please make sure that the switch does not turn up from the substrate in front of the welding operator.
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