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Some tips to remember before purchasing a touch switch

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Before purchasing the light touch switch, some instructions should be clear to you. There are six specific instructions. Here is a detailed introduction for you.
1. Brief analysis of purchase instructions for light touch switch manufacturers:
Switch quality will directly affect the use of products, so we must understand clearly before buying. Before purchasing, attention should be paid to its weldability, protectiveness, conductivity and other electrical properties, service life, and whether the positive and negative tolerances of hand feel are within a reasonable range. External factors are also very important, although we are not appearance association, but the appearance of the product can affect the quality of the product.  In order to reduce resistance, we will use silver plating on the pins. High quality products will use silver plating on the pins. The process is also controlled. Only when the thickness of silver plating is above 0.3um, can pin oxidation be effectively prevented.
2. The light touch switch manufacturer introduces its structure:
It is composed of plastic base, metal terminal, metal bullet, metal cover, plastic handle, reed and PI film.
3. The light touch switch manufacturer introduces its working principle:
The switch belongs to one of the passive components. It can not be used alone. It can only cooperate with the active component to form a set of control system, and its function can be brought into play. The working principle of the light touch switch is that the switch can be turned on by pressing the switch button at the working point. When the button is loosened, the switch will be disconnected. The internal structure of the switch is realized by the force exerted by the metal shrapnel. Principle of normally closed light touch switch: Pressing switch button at working time can make switch open, and switch on when hand is loosened. According to the above two principles, we can see that this switch has two ways, according to our own product performance requirements to choose products. According to the analysis of working principle, it can be seen that this product is also defective, it is broken by the force of metal shrapnel, then once the metal shrapnel loses elastic products can not be used, so this product has a life limit.
4. The manufacturer of light touch switch introduces its name:
Touch switch manufacturer elaborates that Touch switch is also called button switch. English name: TOUCH SWITCH, TCAT SWITCH. Generally, it is called by its shape and size: such as 6*6*5, which means its length, width and height. The utility model belongs to one kind of electronic switch, which is different from the wall switch used for household use. The difference lies in the different application areas and their own structural role is also different, so it is called electronic switch.  It can be divided into two types: moving type and surface mounting touch control type. The difference between the two types is the difference of volume and welding form. The push-type is mainly plug-in switch with larger volume, while the surface mounted touch-control type is mainly the ultra-thin patch type. The light touch switch is guided by pressing the handle on the shrapnel to make the contact travel between the shrapnel and the shot point. Therefore, it can be divided into three forms, one is the open type, the other is the closed type, and the other is the double action type. There are also three kinds of foot positions of the switch: two-foot switch, three-foot switch, four-foot switch and five-foot switch.
5. Light touch switch manufacturer introduces its use:
According to the working principle of the product, we can use it for audio volume control, power keys of various electronic products, function selection of various products, remote control buttons, computer keyboards and other electronic products. It is inseparable from our daily life. Its use is so extensive, the use environment is very many, a single product performance can not meet the needs of the market, extended products have also been developed, the current market is: ultra-thin, waterproof, dust-proof, with brackets, sunken plate, with lights, high-life, ultra-small, light-intensity, gravity and other products. With the increasing variety of products, our market demand is becoming more and more matched. It can be seen that the emergence of touch switches is an indispensable contribution to our development.
6. Brief analysis of matters needing attention in the use of light touch switch manufacturers:
A good product should also have good use, in order to effectively play the effectiveness of the product. Before using, the production conditions should be confirmed, and different welding methods should choose the pins that are not connected and the heat-resistant materials that are not connected. Because of different conditions, the way of pin foot is also different, pins are divided into plug-in type and patch type. After production, it is necessary to test the performance of the switch, whether the switch is on and off normally, whether the handle changes, whether the resistance of the product is normal, whether the appearance of the product is normal, whether the pin of the switch is in the welding position, etc. Reasonable production SOP should be formulated without any production process.
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