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What distinguishes the good from the bad in the light touch switch

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In the light touch switch, there are good and bad, then how to distinguish between good and bad, what factors lead to good and bad? Now let's introduce it together.
The key factors of the light touch switch are the protection, solderability, reliability of conduction, life, handle, production process and installation size.
Firstly, the pin base material is the pin base material, and the pin base material of the light touch switch is brass or phosphorus copper (low grade is iron). In order to reduce the contact resistance, the pin is basically silver plated. The SO2 gas in the silver meets the air will oxidize, which directly affects the solderability and contact resistance of the switch. Therefore, the high quality light touch switch should be controlled in the silver plating thickness of the pin base material and the silver plating process. The order of silver plating on the market is as follows:
Silver plating thickness: 0.3um or more (silver), 0.2um (thin silver), 0.1um (white)
Silver plating process: nickel pre-plating and silver re-plating on the substrate, copper pre-plating and silver re-plating on the substrate, and direct silver plating on the substrate
Whether the protective agent treatment is carried out after silver plating on the substrate or whether the switch has the function of dust-proof and waterproof is very important, otherwise, even the best silver plating treatment, the switch will be oxidized.
Secondly, the key factor affecting the reliability of conduction is the structure of contact point. Because the function of touch switch is contact point and shrapnel conduction, the larger the contact surface is, the better the contact surface is. The contact surface is determined by the structure. There are probably three types of structures in the market. The order of advantages and disadvantages is as follows:
Bubble (crater type) "O contact", grooved type "2 contact" and flat bubble type "1 contact"
Thirdly, life and feel are determined by the stroke of the light touch switch and the cooperation of the shrapnel. The shorter the stroke, the lighter the sound, the longer the lifetime. On the contrary, under the fixed shrapnel technology, the lifetime of the light touch switch is mainly determined by the stroke or sound.
In addition, the key factor to determine the life of shrapnel is stamping technology. The stamping technology in Japan and Taiwan is very popular in China. Therefore, in the case of technological upgrading, whether the requirements for imported materials are reduced or not, such as 160gf shrapnel life, there are four main types in the market.
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