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What material is the light touch switch made of?

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Many people have been using the touch switch, but do not know the specific material of the touch switch. Let me introduce the material of these aspects to help you better choose the touch switch.
The touch switch is composed of a plastic base, a metal contact foot, a metal bullet, a plastic cover or a metal cover, a PI heat-resistant film and a water-proof film.
Hardware contact foot has two materials
1. Nickel-plated iron (this material has low salt spray performance, high resistance, suitable for plug-in light touch switch with low requirements)
2. Copper and silver plating (this material has good oxidation resistance. Low resistance, suitable for production of high quality light touch switch)
Hardware shrapnel has three kinds of materials
1. Copper shrapnel (this material is soft, used on light touch switch has a lower life, only 3-5W normal life is the most manufacturers on the market choose to use, stable quality and moderate price)
2. Stainless steel shrapnel (this material needs stainless steel silver plating, which is the best shrapnel to use lightly touched shrapnel, with high life and good handle)
There are three kinds of materials for plastic base.
1. POM material (this material is hard, the lowest price is the best cost-saving material, but the worst temperature resistance is only 180-200 degrees, suitable for manual welding)
2. PA66 material (also known as nylon material, the price is moderate, is a moderate material, the temperature resistance is generally about 230 degrees, suitable for wave soldering)
3. LCP material (LCP material is the best material in the use of light touch switch at present, but the cost is high, the temperature resistance can reach 260 -280. It is very suitable for over reflow welding).
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