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How to Control Welding Temperature of Touch Switch

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When touching the switch in welding, we should pay attention to the temperature, avoid the situation of excessive temperature and damage the circuit board. How to control the specific temperature? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
Simply Describe the Temperature Suitable Process of Touch Switch
Touch switch is a key parameter for the material to be welded. It is equivalent to the temperature of ferrochrome. If the temperature is not reached, it will not melt. If the temperature is too high, the raw material will be burned or the structure will be damaged and the strength will be worse. Because each company chooses different transducers, the output amplitude of the transducer varies. By adapting different ratio horn and welding head, the working amplitude of the welding head can be corrected to meet the requirements.
Usually the output amplitude of transducer is 10-20 micron, and the working amplitude is about 30 micron. The ratio of horn and weld head is related to the shape of horn and weld head, the ratio of front to back area and other factors. For example, the shape of exponential, functional and stepped amplitude has a great influence on the ratio. The ratio of front to back area is proportional to the total ratio. The welding machines of different brands are selected. The simplest method is to make the welded joints according to the proportional size of the welded joints, which can ensure the stability of the amplitude parameters. The bonding strength of Dongguan light touch switch meets the requirement temporarily, but the epoxy resin of organic material decreases with time, the micro-switch reduces the bonding strength, and the lead may fall off in the long-term use, which may cause the breaker to fail in operation.
In order to solve these problems, we look for a kind of Dongguan light touch switch material, which is suitable for the connection between sheet lead and electrodes. It has high strength, simple technology, easy control of material dosage, beautiful appearance, and does not affect capacitor performance. Through repeated tests, 62Sn/36Pb/2Ag paste solder paste was selected for welding positioning, and many tests and performance tests were carried out.
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