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Switch wiring with light keys can be distinguished by color

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The key switch with lamp needs to distinguish color to connect. The specific method is introduced in detail below.
The button switch will generally have six colors: red, green, yellow, white, black and blue; the signal lamp will generally have five colors: red, green, yellow, white and blue. Different colors have different meanings. In the face of various choices, sometimes we have difficulties. In order to solve this problem, we can choose the color of button switch and signal lamp according to the standard regulations.
How to connect the key switch with lamp
Simply, this switch should be connected by two terminals, and the other three terminals should be connected by switch. Find out the terminal of the light and the terminal of the switch, and then distinguish which two terminals you want to use to connect the switch. Connect the light directly with the switch terminal, so that when the switch is connected, the light will turn on.
The four pins of the key switch are normally open and normally closed. Which two pins to use depends on the requirements of the circuit. For example, a simple self-locking circuit is that a key is normally closed as a stop and a key is usually turned on as a start. In the absence of pressing the button, the on call is normally closed, and after pressing the button, it is disconnected. Without pressing the button, the disconnected call is always turned on, and after pressing the button, the connection is made, of course, measured by the ohmic gear (_) of the multimeter.
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