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Details of the test before the switch is released from the factory

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Where should we test the switch before it leaves the factory? What do you need to know? Now I will give you a detailed introduction.
Dial switch factory need to be tested, how to test it? This requires us to pay more attention to learning and understanding, and testing is also a way to improve quality.
Switch is something we often touch in our daily life. It is a kind of part. This kind of part may not be noticeable if it is single-view, but if it is put into the machine to use, its function can be shown. There are switches in many tools we use everyday. They are basically toggle switches. This toggle switch contacts us everyday. The ordinary switch is totally different because of its unique style and different specifications. There are very large specifications and relatively small specifications. We call it micro-switch. This kind of switch is also very popular. It sells very well in stores. Moreover, the price of this kind of switch is not very high, so it has the characteristics of economy and affordability.
For people, it is also useful to understand the switch, because when we buy the switch, we need to know its characteristics, and then according to their own needs to choose different switch, which is the best. The switching switch has to be tested again and again in production. How do manufacturers test the switching switch? Let's take a look at it.
In fact, there are many tests to be done for the switch. First of all, wear resistance is the basic property of the switch. Only wear resistance can increase the service life of the switch and make it use longer. If the switch breaks down after several wears, then it shows that its cost performance ratio is very low. We are the best. Well, don't buy such cost-effective base switch, because they are not worth it. For example, manufacturer Han Rong has more than a dozen rigorous tests in production, and can't allow any unqualified switch to go on the market, because it will affect the image of the manufacturer, and will leave a bad impression on consumers. The future sales of this manufacturer may be very poor. 。
The second thing we need to do is to test the weldability. This test is also very necessary. Only after passing this test can the switch be used. Because the switch needs to be welded, a simple switch can not be used normally. It must be welded with other materials to play its role, otherwise it can not be used. Fixed, of course, can not play its role, so the weldability also needs to be tested. When testing the weldability, we need to pay attention to many aspects, especially the quality of the toggle switch. If the quality of the toggle switch itself passes through, then it is not difficult to pass the test. If the quality of the toggle switch itself is not very good, then it will be difficult to pass the test. This has become a hard rule, many people know, especially in the case of the toggle switch itself. People with rich experience in this field.
Actually, there are still many tests that need to be done by the toggle switch manufacturer in the production of toggle switches, but we are not familiar with these tests. After we are familiar with these tests, we will be able to understand more fully. We can also know from them what the characteristics of the toggle switch are and what is the good of the toggle switch. This is also a question many people have been asking, such as If you can clarify this question, then many people's questions can be answered, if you are interested in it, then go to know or ask it, I believe it will help you.
It is very important to test the toggle switch out of the factory. I hope you will pay more attention to it.
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