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Pay attention to details when selecting key switch

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When choosing the key switch, we should pay attention to the details. If we pay attention to some details, we can definitely buy the appropriate key switch. How to choose the key switch? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
Keyboard switch is a powerful switch, so it is a good choice for people. It has good use in many machines and provides many conveniences for the production of enterprises. So what should we pay attention to when choosing and purchasing? Keyboard switch manufacturers will take you to understand.
1. Choose the type of keys for the occasion and specific use. For example, keys mounted on the operation panel can be opened; cursor type should be used to display the working status; key type should be used in important occasions where people need to prevent misoperation; and anti-corrosive type should be used in places where corrosive gases exist.
2. The number of keys needed to be selected in the control loop. Such as single button, double button and triple button.
3. Indicate the working status and the requirement of the working condition, and select the color of the key. For example, start buttons can be white, grey or black, and white or green is preferred. The emergency stop button should be red. Stop buttons can be black, gray or white, preferring black or red.
So the key switch should pay attention to these details when choosing and purchasing, so as to select the appropriate products.
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