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How to detect waterproof light touch switch

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Waterproof light touch switch in the purchase of how to detect specific specifications, what are the specific considerations? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
There are many specifications and sizes of waterproof light touch switches. 66 is the most common and widely used specification. For different products, the specifications and sizes of waterproof touch switches are different. With the development of economy and the continuous renewal and progress of scientific and technological products, people's requirements for living standards are constantly improving. When choosing household appliances or other products, they all need to be waterproof. Although the price of waterproof light touch switch is more expensive, the safety and convenience of use are not mentioned. Since 66 waterproof light touch switch is so good, then we should know more about it in order to choose.
Matters needing to be tested for waterproof light touch switch
1. Usage and resilience. Is the resilience less than 50F in the 260 +50f planning?
Second, look at the appearance. The appearance should not be too stained, the packaging should not be scattered or mispacked, the pins should not be oxidized, and the keys feel better.
3. Touch resistance. 5. Exceeding 100 m (5VDC, 10Ma, 1000Hz) is not included in the confession plan.
Fourth, structural scale. Length, width and height should not exceed the specifications.
5. Tin-staining experiment. After tinning test, the tin surface is less than 80%.
6. It will not be damaged if it is placed about 1M under normal temperature water for about 30 minutes.
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