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How good is the contact of the light touch switch?

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How to touch the touch of the switch, big or small, we will give you a detailed description of the details below.
Touch the switch first to see the shell information. PC material, also known as bullet-proof glue, is the most important switch brand in the market. Its impact resistance, high temperature resistance and non-discoloration characteristics are very important for the control of electrical switches.
Secondly, look at the contact point, that is, the contact point of conductive parts in the process of Dongguan light touch switch. Contacts depend on size (the bigger the better) and data.
There are three main types of contacts: silver-nickel alloy, silver-cadmium alloy and pure silver. Silver-nickel alloy is now the ideal contact data for comparison. It has good electrical conductivity and hardness, and it is not simple to oxidize and rust.
Silver-cadmium alloy contacts are also comparable in other aspects, but cadmium attributes to heavy metals. On the one hand, cadmium is harmful to human body, on the other hand, silver fusion is not very ambitious. It will form small cadmium particles on the surface of the contacts, and may pull out the arc when conducting electricity. Pure silver is not suitable for contacts. It has good conductivity, but it is soft in texture and easy to oxidize (like silver jewelry will turn black in a long time). Soft texture, more contacts on the switch will deform; oxidizing rust, conductive function will be much worse, rust point is also simple heating, it is very simple to burn the contact.
Third, look at the light touch switch structure. Nowadays, most of them are big panels, and their appearance and feel are better than those of thumbs. The biggest problem of thumb type is simple clamping. Because of the short moment ratio and the small switching action range, a little 微软 spring or too hard spring may cause the switch to be clamped.
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