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What is the function of the indicator on the metal key switch?

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What is the function of the indicator on the metal key switch and what is it? Here we will give you a detailed introduction, I hope you can better understand these issues.
What are the functions of metal key switch and model indicator? Signal indicator lights and metal key switches are well used in many industrial equipments to control and warn. What are the differences between them?
1. Select the key switch, regardless of the pin connection, generally has an electric shock structure, but the signal lamp does not; because the indicator lamp needs to carry a lamp, it generally has the parameter of the voltage with the lamp, so it is not considered for the keys without the lamp. In fact, everyone who has touched the key switch and indicator light production knows that the above keys and lights can be loaded, unloaded and assembled at will. When keys and lights are needed, they are equipped with light keys, and when the key device is removed, they are indicator lights.
2. Selection of signal or indicator lights only has the function of warning and prompting, and the light will always be on after switching on, but for the key switch, there is no light outside the button with light. At the same time, ordinary keys, whether self-repeating keys or self-locking keys, can be used to press the control line by hand, but the signal indicator is not, which is the biggest difference between the two. Therefore, if only the state display is needed, the indicator light is selected; if only the line control is needed, the ordinary key switch is selected; when the control line is needed and the state is displayed simultaneously, the key switch with the lamp is selected.
So the difference between the signal indicator and the button switch is quite obvious, so it needs to be purchased according to the actual demand.
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