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What measures should be taken to protect the small-sized switch?

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What are the protective measures for small-sized switch? How to protect it? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
1. Small-sized toggle switches are generally not waterproof structures, so please take protective measures for the switches when they are used in the environment where water and other liquids are dispersed and sprayed.
2. Do not use the switch under the condition of continuous vibration and shock. With the generation of abrasive debris, it may lead to contact failure and work disorder, shorten life and so on. In addition, if excessive vibration or impact is applied, the contact may be mistaken action, adhesion, damage and so on. Please install it in the direction without resonance and in the position without vibration and shock.
3. Do not use small-sized switch in the environment with harmful gases such as sulphide gas, ammonia, nitric acid gas, chlorine and high temperature and humidity. Otherwise, it may be damaged due to poor contact and corrosion.
4. If there is silicon gas in the environment, silicon oxide will accumulate on the contacts due to the arc, which will lead to poor contact of the small switch. If there are silicone products such as silicone oil, silicon filling material, silicon wire and so on around the switch, please restrain the arc through the contact protection circuit, or eliminate the origin of silicon, etc. Sealed switches may also suffer from poor contact due to their inability to completely prevent gas from entering through sealed rubber.
5. Please use it in the range of temperature and humidity specified by each switch. Use at high temperatures may lead to changes in characteristics. In addition, if the temperature changes sharply, it will also lead to changes in characteristics. It is recommended that you install it as far away from the heat source as possible to avoid being affected.
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