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Steps for using waterproof switch and test time

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What are the steps and test time of the waterproof switch? We will give you detailed details below.
Waterproof switch is mainly divided into waterproof ship type switch and waterproof button switch. Many waterproof ship type switch and waterproof button switch produced by our company have reached the level of IP65 and ip67. Waterproof switch, as its name implies, is a switch that can be operated by wet hands. In this way, many household users in the bathroom and kitchen and other humid places can safely use electricity to bring great safety. Our company is one of the largest switch manufacturers in China, specializing in the production of switches for 25 years, enjoying a high reputation in the industry. Some large household appliances enterprises in this regard, the level of knowledge, please refer to.
The protection switch level is ip68, ip67, ip65, etc. IP is the identification letter, number 6 is the first identification number, number 8 is the second identification number, the first identification number represents the level of contact protection and alien protection, and the second identification number represents the level of waterproof protection. Technical Extraction-Waterproof Test
1. The range waterproof test includes the second function number of 1 to 8, i.e. the protection level code is IPX1 to IPX8.
2. Step 2. IPX1 Method Name: Vertical Drip Testing Equipment: Drip Testing Device and Testing Method See 2.11 Sample Placement: According to the normal working position of the sample, the sample is placed on the rotating sample table at the speed of 1r/min. The distance from the top of the sample to the dropper does not exceed 200 mm.
Test Conditions: 10.5 mm/min (2) IPX2 Method Name: Inclined 15 degree drop test equipment: Drop test device and its test method see 2.11 sample placement: make a surface of the sample at a 15 degree angle to the vertical line, and the distance from the top of the sample to the dropper is not more than 200 mm. (2) IPX2 method name: inclined 15 degree dripper test device and its test method see 2.11 sample placement: make sample surface and vertical line into 15 degree angle, the distance between sample top and dropper is not more than 200 mm. After each attempt, change to another. Noodles four times. The test conditions were as follows: the droplet volume was 30.5 mm/min, the test duration was 4 *2.5 min (total 10 min), and the test duration was 30.5 mm/min. (3) IPX3 method name: leaching test method: A. pendulum test equipment: pendulum splash test equipment (related equipment graphics and test methods, see Part 2.14) sample placement: select appropriate pendulum tube radius, so that the height of the sampling table is in the position of the pendulum tube diameter, and place the sample on the sampling table, so as to be able to participate in. The distance at the top remains consistent. The sample table does not rotate. Test conditions: According to the number of nozzles in the swing tube, the flow rate is calculated, and each hole is 0.07 L/min. When the water is wet, spray holes on the 60 degree arc section on both sides of the pendulum are sprayed onto the sample. The sample is placed in the center of the half circle of the pendulum tube. The pendulum oscillates 60 degrees on both sides of the vertical line, totaling 120 degrees. Each oscillation (2 x 120 degrees) is about 4 seconds.
Test time: continuous extraction for 10 minutes.
Bay nozzle test equipment: hand-held sputtering test equipment, equipment graphics and test methods can be found in the book 2.14 sample placement: test top and hand shower parallel distance between 300 mm and 500 mm
Test conditions: Balanced weight baffle should be installed during the test. The test conditions are as follows: Balanced weight baffle should be installed in the test.
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